Disinfectant Generator

Capacity:300ML Color:White Function:Bacteria Application:Household,office ,restaurant MOQ:no power:with baterry can be charge Bottle sprayer and basement material::ABS battery capacity:3600mA
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How to make the satinizer in the home??

Welcome  to check it as bellow,let you know that only add the salt and the water and then to make satinizer at homd so easy.

Product Name

Portable Disinfectant Water Spray Maker Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Making machine Home use





Product Size


Packing box Size

259*78*78mm/ 275g

Carton Size

272*84*143mm/ 0.35kg/pcs


DC5V 1A 5W


UBS charging


Sterilization, disinfection, algae removal and deodorization


1. Generation hypochlorous acid disinfectant by Electrolyzation. It electrolyze water and salt to generate sodium hypochlorite as
effective as bleach. Remove stubborn stains such as stains, oil stains, deodorize, deodorize etc.
2. Sterilization rate 99.99%. It can sterilize germs, mildew, viruses effectively and prevent from the hepatitis, influenza and
other diseases. It can degrade many kinds of harmful chemicals like pesticides residues on vegetables and fruits.
3. Homemade disinfectant water. Directly use edible salt and water as raw materials, which is more safe and convenient.
Eco-friendly, and non residue, non pollution, Harmless, not pungent, not hurt the skin.
4. One-key to turn on the disinfectant water generation mode. Clean as effective as conventional cleaners, disinfect as effective
as bleach.
5. Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfectant widely used in many fields to achieve the effect of 
sterilization, disinfection, algae removal
and deodorization.


This disinfectant has high biocompatibility and safety,and will be geberated ti H2O environmentally without residue after disinfection and sterilization is completed.

Keeping skin moisturized.

10 (1)


Working principle Generally speaking, this device is for producing sodium hypochlorite disinfectant, used for surface sterilization, air disinfection. The sterilization rate can be up to 99.99%. OH- and HCLO- are produced by electrolytic water technology. Both OH- and HCLO- have strong oxidation, so they can sterilize efficiently and remove the electrons of residual pesticides and dirt molecules, so as to destroy the molecular chain of bacteria, viruses, pesticides and dirt, effectively eliminate the virus in the air or any surface.

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