Wall Mount Gas Boiler

Wall Mount Gas Boiler

Safety features:
-Triple over-heat protection
-Flameout protection
-Reignite function
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Product Details

Detail 1:

Safety features:
-Triple over-heat protection
-Flameout protection
-Reignite function
-Defer ignition function
-Anti-freezing function
-Anti-lock function for pump
-Overload protection for pump
-Lightning strike protection
-Overload protection for control system
-Safety release function
-Automatic circulation function of pump
-Self-diagnostic function
-Safety lock function
-Automatic by-pass valve


Detail 2:

Product characteristic:
-European Technology
-Provide both heating and shower water
-High efficiency and gas-saving
-Quietly working
-Intelligent and economical control system
-Easy operation with digital LCD screen
-Four section timer
-Remote controller optional
-Fashionable appearance design
-High quality components with CE certificates

Detail 3:
1. High efficient & environmental friendly
2. Low power consumption design
3. Very low CO, NOx emission
4. The Heat efficiency over 90%


Spare part detail:



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