Compared with central air conditioning, where is the advantage of air source heat pump?

- Apr 04, 2019-

In general, for buildings, the technical difficulty of equipment refrigeration is relatively small, and the difficulty of heating is relatively large. Air source heat pump technology is derived from heating, the later balance of refrigeration.

After the development of technology in recent years, the current air source heat pump heating operation ring temperature range has exceeded the low temperature-25 ℃ cold challenge. In terms of product design standards, air source heat pump is also much higher than conventional central air conditioning.

Taking the host configuration of the unit as an example, the central air conditioner uses air conditioning single cooling trend compressor, and the air source heat pump must be equipped with a higher standard heat pump special compressor because it should meet the requirements of heating under low ring temperature. In order to prevent fin frosting during hot winter under low ring temperature conditions, Air source heat pump fin evaporator spacing design needs to be greater than the central air conditioning fin spacing of more than 15%, in order to ensure that the cooling, heat dissipation effect is better; Air source heat pump configuration In addition to central air conditioning must be equipped with four major parts (compressors, condensers, throttling parts, evaporators), low-temperature models are also equipped with gas enthalpy compressor, In order to realize the efficient and stable operation of the unit at -25℃ low ring temperature.