Electric water heater tripping, leakage, non-heating, lamp not bright, leakage and other common ten faults-detection and maintenance

- Mar 07, 2019-

Fault one: Sudden tripping under normal heating

Fault two: Do not produce leakage when not heated, fill the water to produce leakage

Cause: Heat pipe shell burning through leakage conductive and resulting in leakage treatment: replacement of heating pipe.

Fault Three: Heating indicator light, but can not be heated

Cause 1: Heat pipe socket Contact is not bad or broken line treatment: check the exclusion;

Cause 2: Heat pipe burnout Treatment: Replacement of the heat pipe

Fault IV: Heating indicator light is not lit, can not be heated

Reason 1: Thermostat connector contact is poor or broken line treatment: check exclusion

Reason 2: Thermostat burnout Treatment: replace thermostat

Fault five: Water heater indicator has not been extinguished

Cause: Thermostat temperature-sensitive surface and electrothermal pipe flange surface Contact Point Less Treatment: Reinstall the thermostat, so that the temperature surface contact.

Fault Six: No insulation function, always heated down until tripping

Cause: Thermostat action temperature is too high or melted short circuit treatment: replace thermostat

Fault Seven: too long heating time

Reason 1: The water heater does not use the highest power gear heating (electric water heater with power conversion function) Treatment: Spin the power switch to the maximum power gear

Reason 2: Electric heat pipe bad treatment: replacement of electric heat pipe

Fault eight: Always in a state of heat preservation, can not be reheated

Cause:? The thermostat cannot be reset and has been in open circuit processing: replacing the thermostat

Fault nine: During the heating of the water heater, the small hole of the relief valve has droplets dripping out Cause: Because the electric water heater belongs to the water storage type closed electric water heater, in the heating or heat preservation process, the water heater tank pressure is greater than 6Mpa, so that the one-way safety valve overflow and drip out of the water bead Treatment: Close the inlet valve, the mixer knob to the high temperature can avoid a one-way safety valve leakage phenomenon

If the mixing valve is not installed, the hot water ball valve can be opened a little bit, where the pressure of water, can also avoid the leakage phenomenon of one-way safety valve

Fault 10: The heating indicator light is not lit, but can be heated normally

Cause: • Negative or disconnected indicator light connection