Indoor security-improve the safe operation level of gas facilities.

- Mar 16, 2019-

1. Hose aging knot easy to cause gas leakage

Hose aging or cracking easy to cause gas leakage, some hose in the middle of the connection accessories, resulting in the hose pressure is not easy to lead to gas leakage. In addition to the long service life of the hose, there is a more common situation, that is, the hose is too long. Many citizens in the home in order to develop the location of the kitchen, the kitchen moved to the balcony or other places, so that the length of the connection hose is more than 2 meters or longer, in fact, there is a great safety hazard.

Hose is too long, easy to tie, bend, easy to mop the ground, resulting in foot or squeezing, deformation rupture, resulting in the possibility of breakage leakage increased; there is also the use of non-gas special hose, its elasticity is poor, after hardening poor sealing, by external forces easy to fall off, thus triggering gas accidents

2. Double fork alone don't leave it by mistake Pipe card missing refers to the hose pipe without tube fixed, by the external forces easy to fall off and lead to gas leakage, double fork alone, not connected to the side of the hose knob, such as being mistakenly opened, especially easy to cause gas leakage caused by smoked people and even explode. Pipe card missing, double-fork single-alone situation is more common. In some earlier neighborhoods, the initial installation is a double fork, while most families have only one gas stove, so generally use one, basically do not pay attention to another problem.