Low temperature air energy hot water machine, the colder the more vigorous

- Apr 10, 2019-

Admittedly, in the northern part of China to steadily promote the "Winter clean heating" era background, "low-temperature energy efficiency grade" release has great practical significance. Based on such a considerable development prospects, "low-temperature energy efficiency grade" also for local government departments at all levels to carry out bidding work to assess the performance requirements of such products, evaluation basis, but also for the vast number of air source heat pump enterprises to provide manufacturing basis, to ensure the safety of such products in practical use,

Let the air source heat pump product energy saving to a greater extent, but also let the "low temperature" technology more standardized and reliable. Right now, the widely watched "low temperature energy efficiency grade" will be formally implemented on May 1, 2020, leaving heat pump enterprises to focus on low-temperature technology for one year, although the call to break through the "low temperature" barriers more and more high, but also greatly consider the comprehensive strength of enterprises. Who will be the breaker of this opportunity?