The working state of light and heat in Flat panel solar tracking system

- Apr 30, 2019-

Working status

There are four working states for this solar tracking system:

1. Tracking status of the day under normal (good weather conditions); 

2. Intermittent tracking. If there is a period of time during the day when it is cloudy or cloudy or bad weather, the system will be screened as unsuitable for tracking and the entire system is in a suspended state. When the light and tracking conditions are appropriate, the system will have a quick tracking instruction to make the tracker roughly aimed at the sun. After that, the program will carry out another set of signal acquisition processing, complete the fine tracking; 

3. Automatic return. After sunset, the system automatically goes into hibernation and automatically returns to the position where the sun rises. The next day automatically enters a new round of operation. 

4. Protection of inclement weather conditions: when factors such as ambient wind speed or precipitation are not suitable for the system to work, the tracker automatically stops working and causes the surface of the entire large system to be parallel to or perpendicular to the ground plane in order to avoid damage to the system.