Precautions for Use the Integrated Cooker

- Mar 19, 2020-

1. Please check the Rated Voltage data of the nameplate whether the same with your areas voltage before using.

Please check the gas type with  in Applicable Gas source whether the same with your area.

Do not use this machine if not the same voltage and gas type.Please dont plug other high-power electric appliances in the socket of this machine at the same time.

2. Do not close the blower when using the stove.Keep the air circulation in the kitchen,or it will decrease the air quality indoor or damage this machine for it running at high temperature.  

Not allow to be unattended when using this machine.The monitoring of gas leakage plays an auxiliary function,which help to reduce the probability of dangerous situations and the severity of injury.

3. Please often wipe the surface of machine with soft cloth and neutral detergent after using.

Do not wash by metal cleaning ball;The infrared ceramic panel should keep cleaning and drying.Not let the fire holes block.Do not hit with hard objects and do not clean by water,oil or other fluid.The ceramic panel of induction cooker,need to wipe with soft and wet cloth,then wipe by sponge with scouring powder.At last clean up by cloth,do not scrape by sharp instruments.

4. The cavity of stove is in high temperature when after cooking.Do not touch with hands.It can be cleaned after cooling.Please take care of your kids from touching the high-temperature areas,to avoid scalding the skin.