Precautions for Use the Integrated Cooker(2)

- Mar 23, 2020-

1. The sterilizing cabinet can not use for tableware in plastics or other material which can not resistant to high temperature.Do not open the cabinets door within 20 minutes after the end of sterilization for avoiding scalding or the leakage of ozone.Do not put the washing towel or other non-tableware inside the cabinet.Please take good care of your kids when using in the place with children.

2. Please close the gas master valve immediately when finding the gas leakage or peculiar smell.Open the window and let the air circulate.Do not switch electric appliances or use this machine.After the gas out,then start troubleshooting.

3. Do not move the pot when is firing or big firing inside the pot,or it will cause conflagration or damage this machine.Close the blower and gas master valve immediately when is firing inside the pot.And cover to sealed fire extinguishing with the pot cover.Then deal with it after the fire put out.

4. Do not wash with water when cleaning and maintaining.To avoid the water into the motor and control circuit,cause the motor being burned down,the control failure,the fire hole of stoves burner cap blocked,etc.which will cause terrible result or electric shock.

5. The gas pipe and their connection parts should be checked often whether is aging,leaking,rupturing and other unusual situations or not.Stop using immediately if find the above situations.To change the parts and maintain the machine,for ensuring safe use.

6. The installation and maintenance of this machine should be carried out by professionals.The electric power and gas source should be cut off when maintaining;Do not disassemble or change the internal wiring at will,or it will damage this machine or cause danger and accident.Our company will not bear any responsibility.