Three associations advocate home furnishings first select water heater after decoration

- Apr 01, 2019-

The first choice of water heater after decoration "practice is not novel, some consumers do do so, but there will still be some problems, the key is that hot water supply involves real estate, decoration, product manufacturing and other industries of the problem." For example, the construction industry in the design of household type did not take into account the water heater pipeline reservation and installation location, decoration company in providing design solutions when there is no scientific professional consideration of water heater configuration, users in the choice of only with their own experience, water heater manufacturers in the recommendation is only concerned about the technical selling point of the product,

In fact, every link will have an impact on user satisfaction. If it is necessary to return to the essence, the user needs not the water heater, but the safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly hot water, who can meet the user's hot water needs, who will be favored by users, in order to provide users with better solutions, through the use of household interviews to do a large number of household research, Research found that the user's dissatisfaction is often not because of product quality, but did not choose the right product, the appropriate installation plan; Therefore, in last year's water heater industry meeting, many electric water heater manufacturers jointly discussed the industry to promote the "first choice of water heater after decoration" concept, and decided to promote the implementation in 2018.