What are the 2019 air source heat pump positive policies

- Apr 13, 2019-

First, Li Zheng--for "coal power conversion" work to help Li Zheng recommended that the state finance increase investment in the upgrading of agricultural networks, especially in deep poor areas and remote areas. Secondly, to eliminate the "coal power conversion" subsidy gap, so that "coal power conversion" users can use the economy of better heating equipment, increase the power of electric heating electricity subsidies, especially for poor households to increase subsidies, in the development of efficient and economical electric heating equipment before the extension of electric heating electricity subsidy years, allowing the selection of heating equipment suitable for different user groups needs To enhance farmers ' enthusiasm for "coal power conversion". In addition, in view of the rural exterior wall heating reform set up special funds to support, improve the efficiency of electric heating, reduce the rural winter heating load pressure.

He also suggested that the relevant departments should increase investment in scientific research funds, promote joint research institutes and enterprises to jointly tackle power substitution, energy storage, energy storage and other related core technologies and equipment, improve heating efficiency, and better promote "coal power conversion".

Ii. Li Ganjie-Report of the National 0 Academy on the study and Treatment of air pollution prevention and Control law Enforcement inspection report and consideration of opinions and the implementation of relevant resolutions On February 26, at the nineth meeting of the 13th session of the NPC, the Minister of Ecological Environment, Li Ganjie, made a report on the study and implementation of the Law Enforcement inspection report and the consideration of the relevant resolutions of the 0 House of Nations, referring to the arrangement of 13.92 billion yuan by the Ministry of Finance to support the Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and surrounding areas.

Third, Beijing Development and Reform Commission and other 8 units-"on further speeding up the application of heat pump system to promote clean heating implementation Opinion" By the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other 8 units jointly developed the "on the further acceleration of heat pump system application to promote clean heating implementation Opinion" officially issued and implemented, by 2022, the new heat pump system in Beijing utilization area of 20 million square meters, the cumulative use of area reached 80 million square meters of development goals. About 8% of the city's heat is supplied by heat pumps, which can reduce fossil energy consumption, such as coal and gas, by an average of about 1 million tons per year, reducing carbon dioxide by 2.4 million tons. At the same time, the views shall be implemented after 30th from the date of publication until December 31, 2022.