What measures should be taken to use LPG gas stove fire hours?

- Mar 20, 2019-

The normal flame of LPG gas stove is light blue, the Flames Nei clear, the height is about 20mm, there is slight noise, the firepower is exuberant.

If there is a small flame, the cause and method of exclusion are as follows:

(1) Burner fire Guey is blocked by dirt, obstructing the burner mixed gas outflow, cleaning up the fire hole dirt.

(2) The nozzle is clogged and the spray nozzle is screwed clean.

(3) The voltage regulator inlet and nozzle are blocked by rust, obstructing the gas outflow in the bottle and replacing the qualified voltage regulator.

(4) Hose folding ventilation is blocked, straightening hose. (5) In addition, gas is about to be used, the valve is not fully open and other reasons to pay attention to, you can take appropriate measures to solve.