A More Advanced Battlefield! Home Appliance Enterprise Wrestling Patent Chips

- Mar 26, 2019-

With technological progress, as well as more intense market competition, as a precursor to the communications industry, there have been a number of patent wars in the past decade, a little careless, enterprises will even go to the sea when going to the wall. Today, the full competition of the home appliance industry, international acceleration, product iteration Not only let the white power giants still have to face many patent challenges, such as smart home appliances involved in a lot of design, communication problems, patent war will even spill over to other industries such as communications, such as the United States, Haier's overseas expansion, It will also face more and more local patent frames and competition.

For example, Gerry in coal power conversion, exploration and cooperation in the field of new energy, whether to build their own patent barriers, are worthy of attention. Today, in the further diversification of enterprises on the road, home appliance Enterprise Battlefield moved to a more advanced patent war, sensational effect should not only stay in a few exposed litigation, no matter which subdivision of the field of home appliance enterprises, should be less the patent as a "mouth gun", solid do a good job of technology and patent "two legs" layout, An orderly response to fierce competition at home and abroad is, after all, a good thing for both enterprises and industries.