How Do I Clean The Hood?

- Mar 11, 2019-

The cleaning of the hood is mainly to clean the outer surface of the hood and the filter of the hood, and its specific operation is:

The first step: unscrew the oil cup, pour out the oil accumulation;

The second step: Remove the filter, put in a neutral detergent with warm water soaking, with a soft brush to clean it;

The third step: scrub the body surface with a damp cloth soaked with a neutral cleaning agent.

Precautions during the cleaning process:

1) Be sure to unplug the power plug when cleaning;

2) It is strictly forbidden to rinse with water to prevent computer board analysis of water;

3) The use of flammable cleaning agent is strictly prohibited.

Our suggestions to users:

1) To regularly clean the body appearance, filter, construction after each cooking wipe the outer surface of the body, every one months to clean the filter; 2) pour out the waste oil from the cup and clean the oil cup before the oil Cup is full.