How Much Intelligent Manufacturing Cake Can The Home Appliance Industry Be Divided Into?

- Apr 01, 2019-

In the face of various favorable policies around intelligent manufacturing, from the Chinese appliance industry related enterprises, in the end can achieve how much piece of cake, but also depends on the development of its core technology can lead the world.

Recently, the World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference press conference held in Beijing, the current conference to "make manufacturing smarter" as the theme, during the release of the National Intelligent Manufacturing Development Thirteen-Five Plan, the organization of thematic reports, Summit forums and thematic forums, such as a series of activities. At present, the global manufacturing pattern is being profoundly adjusted, and intelligent manufacturing, as the main direction of manufacturing 2025 in China, is a strategic choice for China to adapt to the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, reshape the new advantages of manufacturing development, improve the competitiveness of the international market, and build a powerful country, so as to accelerate the realization of intelligent manufacturing It is of great significance to push the industry towards high-end development.