Introduction To Water Purifier Installation Knowledge

- Mar 23, 2019-

For the first time to use the water purifier of the home, after the water purifier, should be all the faucet and outlet position all open, rinse for 15 minutes, until the water production clear no foam position.

In the flushing process need to switch the faucet frequently, generally off 3 seconds, open 10 seconds, so the washing effect is better, and then close the discharge faucet, open the water purification faucet, the production of 5 minutes can be normal use.

Daily use of tap water is also on the water purifier rinse, it is recommended to turn on the faucet before each use to rinse, let the water to wash away the residual pollutants, and then use, purification machine is best often maintain a high water flux, which can extend the service life.

For more than three days without the use of water purifier, re-use should be repeated in the water purifier for 2-5 minutes, know the water purifier in the storage drain.