Kitchen Water Purifier Shop

- Mar 24, 2019-

The choice of water purifier first needs to see the use, if it is daily drinking water, need to choose with film components of the kitchen reverse osmosis machine, nanofiltration machine, ultrafiltration machine, etc., if only as washing, it needs to be more important to consider the water consumption of the product. The second to look at the water quality, due to different areas of different water quality hardness, the choice of water purifier to choose different filter cartridges, such as northern and southern China limestone areas, belong to the high hardness of water quality, water calcium, magnesium ions high content, easy to scale, to choose with ion exchange resin filter water purifier;

And the water contains chlorine or organic matter more urban tap water, can be used activated carbon water purifier, urban and rural water quality turbid should choose a coarse filtration, fine filtration double filtration function of the water purifier. Finally, the purchase to see the cost-effective, water purifier according to the filter form of different prices have differences, such as activated carbon water purifier, mainly coarse filtration, belongs to low-grade water purification products, the price is relatively cheap, with multistage filtration products, more use of coarse filtration and static filtration two forms, water can be directly consumed, the price of about 300-500; UF ultrafiltration nanofiltration membrane products, bacteria, harmful substances have a filtration and separation effect, this more complete product prices are higher, from hundreds of to a few cents;

RO Reverse osmosis products generally in the treatment of rural water and groundwater effect is better, can be bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, organic matter, such as filtration, belongs to high-grade water purification products, the price of more than thousands of yuan.