No Ground Line At Home Equals Electric Water Heater Without Security.

- Apr 13, 2019-

In the purchase of electric water heater must pay attention to whether the electric water heater is equipped with anti-leakage protector and erection line safety device, it is best to choose a "anti-electric wall" logo products. It is equivalent to a large resistance between the human body and water, in the event of a leakage accident this "resistance" can be divided into most of the voltage, so that the human body burden of less than 12V, well below the 36V human safety voltage.

This can not only insulate the heat in the inner tank due to the leakage of the heat pipe caused by the electric current, but also can isolate the damage caused to the shower by the electric wire charged or the water pipe charged, and completely ensure the safety of consumers. With the development of society, the consumer demand of users is constantly changing. But the only constant is safety. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of water heaters, should recognize the national provisions of the anti-electric wall standards, to avoid unnecessary safety risks.