Notice Of Resumption Of Work-DOUBLEMAX

- Mar 09, 2020-


Dear Clients,

Thanks for your trust,support and cooperation to our company in the past.

Due to the "COVID-19",we delay the office hours under the call of our government.But we already started to work on line from February 17th.

And we have all returned to office on March 2nd.Now all the producing and delivering are as usual.

Hope for your inquiry,order and further cooperation at any time.

In the past month,we had shortage of protective supplies such as masks for the sudden outbreak.

But we got so much help around the world.Many people helped us to buy materials,like protective clothings,masks from factories or supermarkets.

Some of them even directly produced masks supplying for us.

We feel very warm and touched.We knew you just wish us control the outbreak as soon as possible and go back to usual life early rather than our thankness.

But thank you,thanks for your borderless love and selflessness.Really thank you!

Now except the Hubei province(mainly the Wuhan area),other cities basically return to usual.

All organizations are running as usual.Except the schools,the factories resume production,like our company.And the shops are open. 

As an enterprise,we can't do anything on behalf of China,but we want to say THANKS to you on behalf of our company.

For appreciating your kindness,we decide to not up the price right now to 2020-10-31,to the whole container orders(Now our industry have raised price from hardware accessories to packaging).

Or you could choose increasing the after-sale service to one more year.

In addition,we notice the outbreak is developing rapidly in foreign countries presently.Parts of them are in serious situation.If you need masks or other supplies,pls tell us.We will try our best to support you.

Dear customers around the world,business is valuable,love is selfless.Here we thanks to you again.We will remember your love and spread it to others.

Your sincere friend:Doublemax appliances