Rational View Of Direct Drinking Water: Matters Needing Attention In Purchasing Water Purifier

- Mar 20, 2019-

Choose well-known brand products.

From the results of this comparative test, well-known brand water purifier in one months of testing cycle (3 detection) of the effluent water quality are stable and reliable. Combine local water quality. When choosing water purifier, different types of water purifier should be selected according to the difference of water quality and region.

To remove most of the material in the water, you can choose a pure water machine that uses reverse osmosis technology (such as a northern region with a high hardness of water), and if you want to remove impurities such as suspended solids and heavy metals, but retain certain mineral elements, you can choose other types of water purifiers. Measure the cost of use.

For different types, different brands of water purifiers should be a comprehensive consideration of performance, price, filter replacement costs, after-sales service and other factors reasonable choice. Pay attention to regular maintenance.

Whether it is a water purifier or pure water machine, its filter cartridges need to be regularly cleaned or replaced, in order to ensure that the water purifier to play its due effect, to avoid the filter filter function failure caused by two pollution. Rational view of "straight drink". For many water purifier effluent can be directly consumed publicity, consumers should be rational view. The comparison test found that 10 water purifier samples, 8 water purifier in the water of the total number of colonies than the original waters of the aqueous pipe has a certain increase. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers in the use of water purifiers, as far as possible to boil the effluent after drinking, in order to reduce the risk of drinking, especially the relatively fragile immunity of children, the elderly and so on.