Water Heater: Burning Into The Electricity, Water Heater Industry Or Will Enter A New Pattern.

- Apr 06, 2019-

Although the market growth rate of gas water heater is generally higher than that of electric water heater, but as far as the whole water heater market is concerned, the market share of electric water heater is still higher than that of gas water heater. According to a relevant person in charge of the hot water Division of the United States, at present, the share of electric water heater and gas water heater is about 55% to 45%.

The emergence of gas water heaters and electric water heaters between this situation is only reflected in the local, not the overall picture. "First of all, in the more perfect area of natural gas laying, mainly concentrated in some economically developed areas, the advantages of gas water heaters are indeed better than electric water heaters, but the adaptability of electric water heaters to be stronger, as long as the electricity can be used, so in the natural gas, gas has not yet reached the area, electric water heater still has market space. Secondly, the sales of electric water heater for a long time is larger than the gas water heater, that is to say, the base of gas water heater is relatively small, which causes the gas water heater in the rapid development process, its sales growth rate should be high electric water heater; third, in terms of the prices of these two different water heater products, The average price of gas water heater should be generally higher than that of electric water heater.