Water Heater Nozzle Small Problem Gives You A Headache? Look At These Little Tricks.

- Apr 15, 2019-

1, Water heater nozzle leakage

There may be water pipe joints and shower connection is not tight caused, in general, clockwise is tightening, counterclockwise loosening, you can hold the handle in one hand to hold the nozzle tightening, and then see if it is still leaking, if the leak of the words to continue to check.

Another cause of water heater nozzle leakage is the aging of the sealing washer, this time need to buy their own new sealing washer for replacement, this fault is the main water heater nozzle leakage reason.

2, Water heater nozzle does not effluent Water heater nozzle can be caused by a variety of reasons, first of all to observe whether it is stopped, if the water heater is the first installation, the tank must be filled with water after the power supply, the inlet valve must be opened.

If the water heater is used for a long time after not effluent, it may be hot water or cold water catheter blockage need to clean the water heater tank. Although the water heater nozzle is only a small component, but if it fails, it will affect the use of water heater, to our lives caused inconvenience. However, the small part of the proposal if the water heater or other parts failure, if you can contact the after-sales service personnel or the first time to contact the after-sales service personnel, can not disassemble their own, in case of dangerous incidents.