What Is The Difference Between Sanitizer And Soap?

- Apr 16, 2020-

Soap is an effective way to cleanse your hands. A soap contains surfactants that produce a lather, allowing impurities to be washed away with water. Hand soaps are formulated specifically for hand washing and require water to create a sudsy lather. After you have washed your hands, you must rinse the hand soap away. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that using warm water and hand soap is the most effective way for people to wash their hands.

It's not always convenient to use soap and water to wash your hands. For those occasions, alcohol-based liquid sanitizers can provide a convenient alternative to soap. These products are typically effective at killing a large number of germs when used according to the manufacturer's instructions. Due to the presence of alcohol in their formulas, the liquids evaporate quickly, so there is no need to rinse or dry your hands after use.