12L Big Water Flow New Design Gas Water Heater

12L Big Water Flow New Design Gas Water Heater

Product Feature:
1) Provide Home Heating and Domestic Hot Water
2) Hot water priority
3) Compulsive Balanced Draft System
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Product Details

Our company adopts advanced production equipment, strict quality management system and complete quality inspection system, which provides a fundamental guarantee for the production of high-quality Electric Hot Water Heaters, 5 Burner Gas Hob, Tankless Gas Water Heater. Our company follows the advanced marketing thought and makes great efforts in market research and brand positioning. In the face of the challenges of the new era, we are determined to reform and innovate continuously. We have extensive and in-depth communication and technical cooperation with our customers and partners, complementing advantages and sharing resources. Our company provides customers with one-stop comprehensive service to improve our service quality, reduce customer costs and help customers grow in the fierce market competition environment.

Detail 1:

Product Feature:
1) Provide Home Heating and Domestic Hot Water
2) Hot water priority
3) Compulsive Balanced Draft System
4) Water pump with auto air vent valve
5) Sealed combustor
6) 7'C Anti-dry burn Protection
7) 92'C Overheat Protection
8) Anti-freeze Protection
9) 3.0bar Overpressure Protection
10) Flameout Protection
11) Fault code display
12) By-pass pipe & By-pass valve in heating system
13) Gas valve shut down automatically when detected anomaly
14) Water pump Anti-stuck Protection
15) Highest Temp: Heating System 30'C ~ 80'CDHW System 30'C ~ 55'C
16) Heat Efficience 90%


Detail 2:
-Triple overheat protection.
-Flameout protection.
-Reignition function.
-Defer ignition function.
-Anti-freezing function .
-Anti-lock function for pump.
-Overload protection for pump.
-Lightning strike protection.
-Overload protection for control system.
-Safety release function.
-Automatic circulation function of pump.
-Self-diagnostic function.
-Safety lock function.
-Automatic by-pass valve


Packing detail:
1.Packing: One boiler in one 5 ply carton and one flue in another carton.
2. Delivery Time: Within 45 days for the first shipment, but can be shortened to 30 days after the 2nd shipment.

Our services:
1. One year warranty will be provided.
2. 1% free spare parts will be provided.
3. Your inquiries will be replied in 24hours
4. Samples are available in 1 week.
5. 20-25days prompt delivery time
6. If the device confirmed to caused by our quality, we can replace
7. OME and ODM are welcomed.

In order to meet the market demand and enrich the choice of consumers, we try our best to upgrade our technology to develop new 12L Big Water Flow New Design Gas Water Heater. Our company implements the incentive and distribution system suitable for the characteristics of our professional and technical personnel to better stimulate their ability and enthusiasm. We adapt to the times, adhere to customer orientation, and constantly seek new breakthroughs in technology, management, products and services.
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